Fully Automatic Tube Heading Machine

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Fully Automatic Tube Heading Machine RIH-40-04
      RIH series makes shoulder for PE tube and laminated tube. It runs fully automatically by touch screen and designs the safety mechanism for operators. There is an orientation system for I-Mark so it can apply the orientation tube for oval tube and etc. It can make orifice by cutting and drilling.
      Tube diameter range: Ø19 mm~50 mm. Tube length: normal: 50 mm~215 mm, oval: 70 mm~215 mm Heading speed: 20 pcs~40 pcs/min Orifice: cutting (Ø1.5mm – Ø8mm), drilling (Ø4mm – Ø13mm) Standard voltage: 220/380 voltage, 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 20 kw/hr Air consumption: 500 L/min Water consumption: 100 L/min Water temp: 15 – 18 degrees Machine size: 3700 x 2400 x 1750mm Machine weight: 2500 kg PLC: LS Control PLC