High Speed Multi-layer Extruder & Cutting Machine

(Other Model: EDC-08-05)
      High speed & high output High precision thickness control on each layer of tube Simplified control Quick tooling change by one operator Closed loop cooling water circulation system Caterpillar haul-off Automatic outer diameter control unit (optional) Low power consumption and high production efficiency
      Screw Dia (inner): Ø65 mm, L/D: 32/1 Screw Dia (resin): Ø45 mm, L/D: 32/1 Screw Dia (EVOH): Ø38 mm, L/D: 26/1 Screw Dia (outer): Ø45 mm, L/D: 32/1 Screw Type: Full Flight Motor: 40 HP X 1pc, 15 HP X 2 pcs,
          7.5 HP X 1pc, 5 HP X 1pc
      Water Consumption: 80 L/min, 15~20 °C Power Consumption: 150 kw Extrusion Linear Speed: Max 20 m/min (Ø35 mm) Cutting Speed: Max 200 pcs/min Tube Dia Range: Ø19~50 mm Machine Size: 9450 X 4600 X 2350 mm