Automatic PE Tube Labeling and Capping Machine

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(Other Model: BLFLC-60-01,BLLC-60-01)
      There are two functions in this machine, and it can run individually or synchronously. Including automatic tube feeding conveyor. No tube, no labeling, no capping. Optinal function: lacquering and AI. foil sealing are avaliable.
      Speed: 50~60 pcs/min Main motor: 400W 1st Capping motor: 400W 2nd Capping servo motor: 400W Unloading motor: 60W Tube diameter range: Ø 19~50 mm Tube length: 50~200 mm Power Consumption: 12 KW Air Consumption: 100 L/min Machine Weight: 2400 kg PLC Brand: Mitsubishi Machine size: L : 6350 mm X W : 2750 mm X H : 3100 mm