Hot Air Filling & Sealing Machine

Hot air Filling & Sealing Machine
Hot air Filling and Sealing Machine
Hot air Filling and Sealing Machine
    • FEATURES :
      Monitor screen for easy operation. Imported hot air patent can make sealing fast and blazonry. Tubes orientation automatically. Cutting tail automatically after sealing. No sealing if no tube. Tube tail is durable after being sealed.
      Main motor: 1 HP Hopper capacity: 60 L Filling speed: 20~40 pcs/min Filling capacity: 3~200 gm Tube dia range: Ø19~60 mm Tube length: 50~200 mm Heater: hot air Hot air head: 3 kw Rotation type, sealing, date & lot number one time marking. Air consumption: 400 L/min Power consumption: 5.7 kw Machine size: 1400 x 1400 x 2400 mm Total net weight: approx. 810 kg PLC: Fatek