Automatic PE Tube Drilling + Aluminium Foil Sealing + Capping Machine

Automatic Drilling, AL.Foil Sealing & Capping Machine
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(Other Model: DCF-40-01、DCF-80-01)
Automatic Drilling, AL.Foil Sealing & Capping Machine
      There are three functions in this machine, and you can operate them individually or synchronously. With additional conveyor for feeding tubes automatically. No tube, no sealing and capping.
      Main motor: 1 PH Suction motor: 1/2 HP Drilling speed: 60 pcs/min Drilling dia range: Ø 3~12 mm Foiling dia range: Ø8~20 mm Foiling speed: 60 pcs/min Tube dia range: Ø16~60 mm Tube length: Ø50~200 mm Air consumption: 100 L/min Power consumption: 6.6 kw Conveyer motor: 150 w Machine size: 4200 x 1700 x 2300 mm Capping speed: 60 pcs/min Total net weight: approx. 1190 kg PLC: Mitsubishi