Plastic Tube Hot Stamping Machine

Hot Stamping Machine
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Hot Stamping Machine
    • Features:
      Touch panel control. Hot Stamping with servo motor control. Two colors of hot stamping are available. Automatic I-Mark registration. Automatic unloading conveyors for Good and NG products.
      Tube Diameter Range: Ø19mm~Ø50mm Tube Length: 60~200mm Printing Speed: 50pcs/minn Printing Accuracy: +/- 0.25mm Mandrels Quantity: 8pcs
      Main Motor: 2.2KW Suction Motor: 1.1KW Tube Loading Conveyor Motor: 0.09KW Orientation Servo Motor: 0.4KW I mark Position Servo Motor: 0.1KW Hot Stamping Servo Motor: 0.4KW Hot Stamping Set Horizontal Move Servo Motor: 0.75KW Hot Stamping Set Vertical Move Servo Motor: 0.75KW Tube Unloading Conveyor Motor: 0.09KW Heater Consumption : 2.8KW Machine Sizes: 3,510 * 2,350 *1,960mm Total Net Weight: 1,500KGS