Multi-Layer PE Tube Co-Extrusion Line

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(Other Model: EDC-16-05)
      BONMART supplies multi-layer PE tube co-extrusion lines for the flexible packaging industry, and up to 5-layer extruder technology provides processors with increased productivity and flexibility.

      Plastic material has its own characteristics, we use and combine several kinds of materials in the co-extrusion system. Therefore, the characteristics of a single-layer tube can't compete with the complex characteristics of a multi-layer co-extrusion tube.

      Glossy surface (using: EVOH / RESIN / PE) Extensive color combination (using: PE + PEARL / PE + PIGMENT) Excellent barrier property (using: PE / TIE RESIN / EVOH / TIE RESIN / PE) Scratch and dust free (using: LDPE / LDPE / LLDPE) Co-extrusion is used on pesticide container, toothpaste, side window, multicolor, long preservative cosmetic... etc.
      Screw dia (inner): 45 mm. L/D: 32/1 Screw dia (resin): 35mm. L/D: 30/1 Screw dia (EVOH): 30mm. L/D: 25/1 Screw dia (outer): 40mm. L/D: 32/1 Screw type: full flight Motor: 15 HP x 1 pc, 10 HP x 1 pc, 5 HP x 2 pcs Water consumption: ice water: 120 L/min. 5 ~ 10 °C Air consumption: 10 L/min Power consumption: 95.5 kw Extrusion linear speed:
      Medium speed: 10 m/min (Ø35 mm) (EDC-08-05)
      High speed: 20 m/min (Ø35 mm) (EDC-16-05)
      Cutting speed: 100 pcs/min Tube dia range: Ø16 ~ 60 mm Machine size: 7000 x 3500 x 2300 mm Total new weight: approx. 5200 kg Cutter PLC: Delta