6 Color PE Tube Dry Offset Printing Coating Machine

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(Other Model:PCD-80-06-RE-L or REUV-L)
      For left oven design, there’s no space limit, which benefits tube withdrawing and in-line connection in the future. Transferring tubes automatically can lower blowing noise. This model is equipped with an extra device-sleeve printing without shoulder, and customers can choose either function when printing and save cost. Ink transferring is controlled by individual motor. Ink supply and transferring speed are more stable and accurate under the control of speed controller. No tube, no coating. Printing, coating and drying functions of this machine can be operated separately or synchronously.
      Ink unit motor: 7.5 HP with encoder, inverter Mandrel unit motor: 3 HP Oven unit motor: 3 HP Ink adjust motor: 150 w x 6 pcs Printing ink: general lacquer or UV lacquer Printing plate: resin, copper, zinc Corona capacity: 3 kw UV. dryer capacity: 5 kw. 180 w/cm2 Printing dia: Ø19~60 mm Printing length: 200mm (Max.) Printing speed: 60~80 pcs/min Air consumption: 150 L/min Power consumption: 45 kw Pin No. in oven: about 400 pcs Machine size: 9000 x 1500 x 2000 mm Total net weight: approx. 6370 kg PLC: Mitsubishi