Mono-Layer PE Tube Extruder & Cutting Machine

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(Other Model: EDC-16-01)
Mono-Layer PE Tube Extruder & Cutting Machine
      Extrusion is the first process of making PE tubes. This process ensures glossy surface, even thickness and well-balanced composition of plastic materials. For years of research and development, our remarkable achievements on LLDPE & LDPE melting, screw design, device of die head, material adoption, and surface treatment, together with size control by figuration and length restraint by encoder have produced valuable and high-quality tubes.
      Screw dia: Ø50 mm Screw L/D ratio: 30/1 Screw type: full flight Main motor: 20HP with inverter Heater: 17.3kw, 7 section control Water consumption: ice water: 120 L/min, 5~10 ℃ Air consumption: 10 L/min Power consumption: 58.5 kw Extrusion linear speed:
      Medium speed: 10 m/min (Ø35 mm) (EDC-08-01)
      High speed: 20 m/min (Ø35 mm) (EDC-16-01)
      Cutting speed:
      Medium speed: 100 pcs/min (EDC-08-01)
      High speed: 200 pcs/min (EDC-16-1)
      Tube dia range: Ø16 ~ 60mm Machine size: 7300 x 1700 x 2000 mm Total net weight: approx. 2250 kg Cutter PLC: Delta