PE Tube Heading Machine

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      With 250 sets memory storage in the computer and the monitor which can show the operating status. Insert tubes manually and remove tubes with air blowing unit. Double heading mould for fast running. Model: SIH-30-HC is with hot runner and there won't be any waste left after production, which can save cost. Model: SIH-25-NC is without hot runner and take out the waste by air blowing automatically and safely.
      Screw dia: 35 mm Shot weight: 159 g Nozzle retraction stroke: 165 mm Number of temperature control: 3 section Hopper volume: 20 L Clamping force: 45 ton Tie bar distance: 580 x 430 mm Slide stroke: 420 mm Hydraulic pressure: 140 kg/cm3 Oil reservoir capoacity: 130 L Water consumption: 800 L/hr Power consumption: 15 kw (W/hot runner), 10 kw (W/out hot runner) Air consumption: 30 L/min Heading range: Ø16~60D ia mm Heading speed:
      25~30 pcs/min (W/hot runner)
      20~25 pcs/min (W/out hot runner)
      Machine size: 3500 x 1200 x 3330 mm Total net weight: approx. 2300 kg