8 Color PE Tube Dry Offset Printing Coating Machine

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    Computerized 6~8 color printing, coating and drying machine is based on advanced technical design of European countries. combining with practical experiences from tube factories . Being the best choice for PE tube printing . our machines have stable quality and are easy to operate and maintain.

    There are individual motors for printing blanket unit, mandrel disk unit and oven, and the speed of above mechanism can coordinate with each other by control of computer . There’re three functions in this machine: printing. coating and drying separately or synchronously. It’s very good choice for a new user. Besides, it is the most suitable for precise and clear printing. Larger area printing & half time printing’s also available on this modle.

    We offer Regular Oven(heater type)UV Oven. and two in one oven for customer ‘s choice.

    Control Section

    Touch panel control Main transmission servo motor can accurately control printing speed Available to print headed or sleeve tubes, either.

    Loading/Unloading Section

    Progessively loading conveyor Drum loading system Twice unloading unit (2pcs/time)

    Available to use corona treatment device or flame treatment device , either. Corona/flame device located on top , UV/coating on bottom. Available control mandrel turning speed by servo motor, to reach full printed Printing Ink and lacquer all suitable for UV dryer, Printing head section.

    Available automatic control Ink quantity by electrically motors. Available to setting 1~8 color print + coating No tube No print, printing wheel clean system (100mm discharges) Adjust printing plate without stopping machine Dual ink transfer rollers for better balance ink.

    Printing Diameter range : Ø19mm~ Ø50mm Printing Length:50~200mm Printing Speed: 80~120 pcs/min Mandrels Quantity:16pcs Printing Accuracy:+/- 0.05mm Main Transmission Servo Motor:7KW Printing Head Transmission Motor:5.5KW Corona Capacity:3KW UV Dryer Capacity:5KW x3 Mandrel Servo Motor:1KW Ink Transfer Motor:0.09KW x8 Coating Control Servo Motor:0.75KW Power Consumption :45KW Air Consumption : 500L/h ,20~25℃ Machine Size: 6,020x3,710x2,940 mm Total Net Weight :8,000KGS
  • OTHER:

    Well-devised Ink – transmission system runs well.
    especially in broad area printing and screen printing .
    Foldable ink unit is easy to clean . change color and printing plate.