Tube Profile
Over the past years there has been a change in the packaging medium of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, cleanser & health care products. Squeeze PE tube is a new advanced packaging medium in the world & gradually replacing the conventional Aluminum collapsible tubes in the market.
The squeeze PE tube has glossy finish, aesthetic appeal, even thickness and it's very attractive in the appearance after printing and coating. Unlike the Aluminum tube, the unique feature of the extruded tube is "Spring Back" which means its flexibility can always maintain the tube in normal shape after being squeezed. Besides, the other advantages of the PE tube include it is recyclable, Eco-Friendly, easy to use & fill and no side seam.

With more than 26-year experience and steady improvement, we have earned high reputation from the users worldwide. We design specific production line as per different needs of different clients and offer the most suitable whole plant equipments correspondent with required output. Furthermore, it is very efficient and economic to make different diameters of tubes by changing molds only.

We offer complete service for production line, including technology transfer, cost analysis, layout installation, test run and training. Using our Squeeze PE tube equipment is the best choice of good investment. Welcome to contact us for more details any time.